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The beginnings of Vitacuire

We respect the quality standards of our customers while simplifying their work.

Vitacuire was born in September 2012 in response to a recurring need for bakers and confectioners understaffed, facing extra work or simply to get a consistency with their products.

Over the years, customers are knocking on Vitacuire's doors for different products to manufacture. The growing demand has led us to develop our own recipes to manufacture more and more products to facilitate the operations of our customers bakers, confectioners and caterers.

Always evolving, we are constantly looking for new trends and are always open to developing new flavors, new products and private brands. The Vitacuire team strives to offer artisans a solution to their production concerns. Call on our services, we will surprise you.

Our Services

Our range of products is manufactured to meet the needs of artisan bakers, pastry chefs and caterers. Whether it's a lack of staff, a lack of regularity or a surplus of work, you can count on the Vitacuire team to help you!

  • Your baker is away? We have a solution! Fill up your shelf with a large variety of our excellent ready to cook bread within 15 minutes.

  • You got a big contract and you do not have enough time to make the all cakes needed? We have a solution! Use our genoise ready to be decorated with our cream butter.

  • You lack space to produce a large quantity of flour mix for multigrain bread, pizza, etc.? We have a solution! We can make your mixes in large quantities in sealed bags.

We are able to repackage your products in different formats. It is also possible to produce your private brand. We can work as a team to develop customized products according to your requests, expectations and quality standards.

Share your creativity with us

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